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Sign up for our Free 3D Printing program and if/when you buy an Objet printer we will rebate to you everything you have paid to us for 3D printing services - up to $2000.

What It's All About

Objet 3D printers are some of the most advanced 3D printers in the world. Using Polyjet technology they print high resolution, durable parts at affordable prices. BUT, while especially reasonable compared to other 3D printers, with the cheapest printer beginning at $20k they are not cheap. This is where 3DAddFab can help.

If you need parts right now, but think that you might purchase your own Objet 3D printer in the future, 3DAddFab can fabricate your parts - quickly and cheaply - AND, for a limited time, offer rebates of up to $2000 for the 3D prints you've already paid for if/when you do eventually buy an Objet 3D printer.

That's right: use 3DAddFab to try out Objet 3D printing technology and if you later buy an Objet 3D printer we'll rebate everything you've spent on 3D printing services - up to $2000!

Why a Free 3D Printing Program?

Objet really wants to sell 3D printers but they realize that while 3D printing is seeping into the general consiousness not a lot of people are familiar with it or the capabilities of Objet printers. Therefore, should 3DAddFab as an official referral agent provide to Objet (and Objet only) your information, when you eventually buy a 3D printer they will pay us an incentive. Other referral agents might keep that entire incentive. We, however, want to share it with you.

At 3DAddFab we believe that 3D printing will really only grow as more people become aware of it and use it as a tool. By rebating up to $2000 in your initial 3D printing costs we hope to encourage more people to at least give it a try. We also believe that this is a win-win situation. You have some insurance against lost money spent on testing the technology. We have an incentive to move you along from dependence on a 3D printing service such as ourselves.

Who Is Eligible for the Free 3D Printing program?

Eligibility is primarily based on Objet's requirements. To participate you must:

  1. Be located in the USA or Canada.
  2. Not have previously contacted Objet or an Objet reseller

What Happens After You Apply for the Free 3D Printing program?

After applying through us, Objet will accept or reject you as an official 3DAddFab referral. Rejection would most likely occur if you have already been in contact with Objet or an Objet reseller. If accepted all future orders shipped to you will count towards your eventual rebate (less tax and shipping) should you purchase an Objet printer. On acceptance your contact info will be passed along to your regional Objet reseller. 3DAddFab is NOT an Objet reseller.

If you are rejected you can of course still use 3DAddFab to fabricate your parts cheaper and quicker than just about anybody else.

How long will the Free 3D Printing program run?

This program is open ended - there are no time limits. However, Objet may end the program on 30 days notice. If they do so it is likely, but not guaranteed, that they would honor incentives up to six months after terminating the program. At 3DAddFab, as long as Objet continues the program we would have no reason to end our rebates.

What Else?

All parts must ship to you.

This applies only to 3D printed parts using Objet technology.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us.


Free 3D Printing

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